Your Purpose …be yourself
Eliminate all expections …and suffering
Degrees of positives
Free of limitations of mind

What is the use of pain?

stairway_to_heaven_tenzin_jampa_2015“What is the use of pain? Pain is nature’s way of telling us an area needs attention. This is true both spiritually, psychologically and physically. When an area in any way pains you, it is something good for you, because it is telling you what you need to heal or fix to reach your full, vibrant, enlightened being.” – Tenzin Jampa (Alex Yamane)

Don’t listen to your sneaky mind

“Don’t listen to your sneaky mind trying to depress you or make you believe in some fabricated negative spiral interpretation of your life. Have none of it. It is not real… only the still presence of the silent now moment is absolute.” -Tenzin Jampa

Accepting suffering for peace

“When we don’t want something, even things that make us suffer, it’s the same as desiring something but in the opposite direction. When we accept whatever arises in our lives, even the perceived suffering, suddenly, everything becomes peaceful again.” -Tenzin Jampa

Illusion of free will

“You can choose anything in life, but you are not free of the consequences of your choice. If on the other hand, you accept everything as is, the illusion of free will is shattered, and you are free of all suffering.” -Tenzin Jampa